Electric Plasma Arc lighters are used for a variety of purposes. They work in such an interesting way. Perhaps the most common purpose people buy them is to light their cigars. People don’t buy Electric Plasma Arc lighters for only their rechargeable and windproof features, but there are several other reasons.

The fact that Electric Plasma Arc lighters have such a unique and cool design is definitely a reason to buy them. Plus, people buy it for their camping or hiking adventures as well. But is it really a good lighter for cigars? We will look at some pros and cons of Electric Plasma Arc lighters when used for cigars below 🙂 .

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Windproof: Probably every smoker is familiar with the struggle of lighting a cigarette when it is windy. It is practically impossible to light them when there’s a strong wind, so you usually have no choice but to wait for the wind to subside. But you will struggle no more with Electric Plasma Arc lighters. You can light your cigars regardless of the weather effortlessly.

Lightweight and Durable: If you carry your lighter daily with you, then lightweight lighters are the best option. They are easy to carry and they fit easily everywhere including your pocket, wallet, and so on. Plus, they’re far more durable and long-lasting. Even if you drop your lighter, it’s unlikely to break compared to other traditional lighters.

Rechargeable and Safe: You might already know that Electric Plasma Arc lighters are rechargeable with electricity. That means you will save so much money and time with them compared to traditional lighters. You won’t have to refill or repurchase! Plus, they have built-in safety features while also eliminating any harm to your health.

Comes in Different Designs: If your lighter fits your preferences and desires when it comes to designs, shapes, and colors, then what would be more perfect? Traditional lighters don’t offer such a variety of different designs, but you will have a myriad of options when it comes to Electric Plasma Arc lighters. Moreover, there are even accessories you can buy with your lighter! That’s why candle lovers always buy electric lighters.


High Pitch Sound: Some may find it annoying when the lighters create some sort of sound when lit. Some electric plasma arc lighters might create a soft electric buzz in some cases while in other cases a sharp beep.

Creates small arc: It is different for every type of Electric Plasma Arc lighters, but in most cases, they create quite a small arc. Thus, in order to light up a cigarette, you’ll need to roll it a little, for all its tip to catch fire, as mentioned in zaplighters.

Final Verdict:

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. Therefore, I would say the Electric Plasma Arc lighter is the perfect cigar. They offer great features and advantages that traditional lighters lack. Overall, if you want a long-lasting, safe, wind and waterproof, durable, and lightweight lighter with a unique design, you should definitely go for Electric Plasma Arc lighters. You can find answers to more common questions about them here.

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