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Free Pocket Knives By Mail: Giveaways in 2024

If you are looking for the most value, then try these brands and companies’ giveaways. These brands below have the best customer service and offer knives that are at least $50 FOR FREE! HERE ARE OUR BEST RECOMMENDATIONS!


Folding Rescue Knife

If you prefer a meatier handle with some weight to it, then this TacKnife Rescue Knife is for you!

Razor-sharp blade and durable steel, perfect for EDC.

5n1 knife

All in One EDC Knife

Now this is an all-in-one knife that has a bunch of features from glass breaker, to seatbelt cutter, to even a fire starter and an EDC flashlight.

If you are going camping or enjoying the outdoors, then you MUST get this knife!

No subscriptions or hidden fees, what you see is what you get with TRS Fight Fast Knives.

titan knife

12-inch fixed blade

Another free TRS Fight Fast Knife, the 12-inch fixed blade is a lengthy and intimdating with a big presence.

No hidden fees, subscriptions, or BS. Just pay for shipping and have it mailed to you!

camo knife

Camo Knife Bundle

I would highly recommend SOS’ free camo bundle because you not only get a stiletto, but a large fixed blade for camping for less than $10 shipping!

But, there is a 14-day outdoor survival course trial, so if you don’t like it, remember to cancel it.

Catalog of Free Knife Givaways

This is the full catalog of randomly selected giveaway offers, companies, brands, and giveaways I found online and added to my website. I DO NOT handle billing, orders, shipping, etc so please contact them directly, NOT ME!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am sure you have some questions about these knives and whether they are legit, so here are some FAQs.
Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission to support the website if you purchase any of the offers above.

Why are these knives free?

These knives are free because certain companies want to promote their brand so that people will recognize them in the future. However, even though they are advertised as free, the shipping costs may be a little higher than Amazon or eBay, etc. Despite the slightly higher shipping costs, you will get great value than buying it off of Amazon or eBay. They do state there is limited quanity and don’t take more than 1 or 2 entries / submission.

How long is shipping for these survival knives

The top recommendations I have usually get shipped within a few days to your address since they ship from within the U.S, but some unknown brands might take 1 month due to shipping from non U.S, international countries.

Are there hidden subscription fees?

Always make sure to double-check the websites of these 3-rd party companies and brands when checking out. There might be an automatic trial for a magazine subscription service. Insight Hiking is just a review / blog website for travel and outdoor enthusiasts. We do not sell anything or handle any shipping / orders.

Refund and guarantees

Some of these brands offer refund guarantee in case you don’t like your product, but it varies company to company. When confirming your order from any 3-rd party websites, please check whether there are clear customer support contact information such as email and phone number, and refund guarantees.