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Free Knives

Disclaimer: We do not resell any products, store credit card information, nor represent any companies or brands listed here. We simply find special promotions, giveaways, and free offers that certain brands are having and add them on our website. Please make sure to double-check the 3rd party website before providing them with any sensitive information. We are not responsible for any orders or shipping, so please contact the brands/companies directly. If you decide to opt-in for any offers, we may earn a small commission.

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Free Karambit Knives

Free EDC Pocket Knives

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are These Knives Free?

These knives are free because certain companies want to promote their brand so that people will recognize them in the future. However, even though they are advertised as free, the shipping costs may be a little higher than Amazon or eBay, etc. Despite the slightly higher shipping costs, you will save a few bucks rather than buying it off of Amazon or eBay.

Which Ones Are The Best?

TRS FightFast, Evatac, Ape Survival, Steel River, and Tactical USA seem to be the most reputable with a customer support line and products that are decent when it comes to quality.

Are These Free Offers Legit or Scam?

In most cases, these offers are legit, but sometimes people think it’s a scam because they get enrolled in a 14-day trial video course subscription. Please make sure to read the fine print and the conditions for these free offers. If you don’t want any extra charges, make sure to uncheck anything that gets automatically added to your checkout cart, and be sure to unsubscribe from the trial video course on time.

How Long Will Shipping Take?

While most advertise shipping will take a few days, in reality, it takes a bit longer, from people’s experience. So, be sure to add a few more days to the “expected delivery date”