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Free Tactical Backpack By Mail: Giveaways in 2023

We do not handle any orders or shipping, so please double-check for any subscription services or other fees when confirming your order from any of these 3rd party websites, companies, and brands.

Our Top Free Tactical Backpack Recommendations

Here are our best choices for the most reliable brands and companies. You can’t go wrong with these choices since I personally know that these are delivered on time and quite reliable with decent quality.

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Free VIP Survival Academy
Tactical EDC Backpack


If you are looking for a budget backpack that is not only suited for hiking and camping, but for every day use such as school or gym, then this free Evatac assault backpack is the perfect fit. It has molle compartment with plenty of space.

The Evatac brand is reliable with fast-shipping, so yo can’t go wrong with this. You get a free 14-day outdoor survival video course subscription, but make sure to cancel it if you don’t like it.


Free Evatac Duffel Bag
Shoulder Straps


I personally prefer the duffel bag, because it can both serve as a duffel bag and a backpack when you bring out the hidden shoulder straps.

There are no hidden fees and you’ll actually see great reviews for this bag, so what you see and read is what you get.

Other Backpack Giveaways

Here are some other brands and backpacks that are being offered for free. However, please carefully check for any other fees or subscription services when ordering them. While you can get great value with these offers, a lot of people don’t check for disclaimers and fine-prints, thus they forget to uncheck extra subscriptions at check-out.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am sure you have questions that need some answering, so here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission to support the website if you opt-in for any of the offers above.

Why are these backpacks free?

Certain companies want to promote their brand, so sometimes they run free promotional offers to get their name out. However, sometimes they also make a slight profit on higher shipping fees, but it still can be win-win for the brand and customer.

How long is shipping for these tactical backpacks

The top recommendations I have usually get shipped within a few days since they ship from within the U.S, but some unknown brands might take 1 month due to shipping from non U.S, international countries.

Are there hidden subscription fees?

Is the free backpack offer a scam? Not really… but please check the fine print and any additional memberships when you checkout. We always advocate double-checking your order for any extra fees or subscriptions. Usually you can see it in the disclaimer at the bottom.

However, the top recommendations are pretty transparatent about their offers, since you will get reminder emails as well as contact info for customer support.
However, the top recommendations are pretty transparatent about their offers, since you will get reminder emails as well as contact infor for customer support.

Refund and guarantees

Some of these brands offer refund guarantee in case you don’t like your product, but it varies company to company. When confirming your order from any 3-rd party websites, please check whether there are clear customer support contact information and refund guarantees.