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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these backpacks being offered for free?

Certain brands need to build a following, so sometimes they do a free offer promotion, but mostly these offers I think recoup their costs with inflated shipping costs. Even though the backpack may be free, the higher shipping costs may help them recoup their costs.

Are these offers a scam or actually legit?

Out these brands, Evatac and Tactical USA are the most reliable and trustworthy, so I would go with either one of them, but usually yes, these offers are actually legit, but other than the following brands, shipping might take longer than usual.

Which backpack offer is the best?

Definitely Evatac and Tactical USA are pretty solid brands. So I would suggest you to go with the Evatac Tactical Backpack, or the Duffel Bag. Or the Stealth Ops backpack might be a good deal too.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping may take slightly longer than expected. If you are expecting Amazon Prime level of shipping speed, then you won’t get such a speedy shipping.

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