67% Discount: Blackbeard Buccaneer Machete

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Product Details:

  • Overall Length: Stretches to a total length of 20 inches
  • Blade: Possesses a 14-inch blade with a thickness of 3mm
  • Material: Crafted with heat-treated blade steel for maximum durability
  • Structure: Features a full tang handle that lends strength and stability
  • Durability: Designed to be water-proof and shock-proof for enduring rugged conditions
  • Sheath: Comes equipped with a clip-point sheath for easy storage and access
  • Guarantee: Promises a full and prompt refund for unsatisfied customers

This close-quarters cutlass draws its inspiration from the classic 1917 U.S. Navy Cutlass, itself based on the M1912 Dutch Army Klewang. Its lineage traces back to the Indonesian War of Independence from 1945 to 1949 when the Ambonese Special Forces of the Dutch army wielded it with deadly efficiency, illustrating its effectiveness in real-world combat situations.

The Blackbeard Blade:

cutting machete

The blade, crafted with heat-treated stainless steel, is durable and sharp, retaining its edge efficiently. The 3mm thick blade rules out any fear of bending, making this TRS Buccaneer Machete an all-terrain chopper par excellence. Whether it’s cutting through small trees or undertaking other utility tasks, this machete is up for the job.

The Handle & Sheath:

buccaneer sheath

Each TRS Buccaneer Machete is accompanied by a clip-point sheath. Though it’s made of plastic, it ensures the blade is securely tucked away when not in use. The handle is crafted from fiberglass reinforced nylon which may not exude a high-end look, but the full tang construction ensures that it remains sturdy, even under intense usage.


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