4Patriots Survival Food provides a comprehensive solution for individuals and families seeking reliable emergency food supplies. With a focus on quality, variety, and long shelf life, 4Patriots offers a range of survival food options designed to sustain individuals during times of crisis or disaster.

This review will delve into the key features, pros, and cons of 4Patriots Survival Food, assessing its suitability for emergency preparedness and long-term food storage needs.

4Patriots Youtube Reviews

Besides my review, here are other youtubers and invidivialds who have a comprehensive review of 4Patiorts’ products and their emergency food kit. It’s always better to get a few different perspectives.

Amazon Reviews

Whenever I am going through Amazon reviews, I like to read the best and worst reviews, which paints a better picture of the pros and cons. I am then able to get a better understanding of the product.

Customers have praised 4Patriots Survival Food for its reliability and excellent customer service. One customer shared how the company quickly replaced damaged items, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

On a personal note, integrating the 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply Survival Kit into my emergency preparedness supplies has provided a sense of security. The long shelf life, compact packaging, and variety of meal options make it a practical solution for unexpected situations.

However, some negative reviews highlight concerns about the value and quality of the product. Dissatisfied customers have compared it to inexpensive alternatives and expressed frustration over receiving damaged items. This feedback underscores the importance of trust and reliability when choosing emergency food supplies.

Nonetheless, 4Patriots has very good reviews on Amazon, with an average of 4.4/5.0.

4patriots food amazon review

Best Reviews:

“A Burger mix, Tropical drink, Pancake and Buckaroo Stew pouch were all perforated. I had to inventory anyway, but the tub with the tropical drink was very dusty! I also found the top of one of the lids cracked. The entire corner is barely connected and long term storage will be a problem.

There is no means to ask for a replacement for these items since it is deemed a non returnable item! So beware, these are not inexpensive and if your box received more damage than mine you’d be out some bucks!

I reached out to their website and they offered replacements, even for the lid! No questions, I just showed the above pictures and the invoice. THANKS!!!”

I recently added the 4Patriots 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply Survival Kit to my emergency preparedness supplies, and while I haven’t had the need to use it yet, its presence in my pantry brings a significant sense of security.

The kit, designed to provide sustenance for one person for 72 hours, is a thoughtful and practical solution for unexpected situations. One of the standout features is its long shelf life, ensuring that the contents remain viable over an extended period.

The packaging is compact and efficient, making it easy to store without taking up much space. I appreciate the variety of meals included, catering to different tastes and dietary needs.

It’s reassuring to know that in case of an emergency, I have a reliable food source that’s ready to use. While I can’t speak to the taste or quality of the food yet, the comprehensive nature of this kit and its ease of storage are already impressive. It’s a wise investment for anyone looking to enhance their emergency preparedness.

Worst Reviews:

I quite honestly was hoping this product would be far better than what I received.
Flavored Oatmeal? Extremely inexpensive and any typical name brand offering if properly stored, will keep for well over a year!

Macaroni & Cheese? Extremely inexpensive and any typical name brand if properly stored will last for well over a year!

Flavored Creamy Rice & Veggie Dish? I ‘m starting to sound like I’m repeating myself here and believe you me; I AM! Extremely inexpensive and any typical combination of a few name brands will accomplish the same exact results OR BETTER, and if properly stored will last for well over a year! This nearly same exacting recipe can be pulled off for considerably less with Uncle Ben’s Instant White Rice, Any Brand of canned Peas & Carrots, Carnation Powdered Milk, and for an extra kick the Patriots offering doesn’t have; add a good ole can of Cheese Whiz!

This entire 72 hour Emergency Pack lasted me an entire 3 Days and I’m only one person… LOL 3 Days… Well that is 72 hours, but I could’ve accomplished the same or better for under $12.
Save your money and keep using your older pantry items at home while replacing them with fresher stock and you’ll be just as prepared for emergencies.

I thought I was paying for something special, but there is nothing special about this product. Maybe if it had freeze dried meat in it somewhere instead of overcharging for extremely inexpensive ingredients, I might be able to recommend this product to someone; but as it currently is… I cannot recommend it to anyone.

Based on previous use of their food and their reputation for a quality product, I was really looking forward to making future purchases from 4Patriots. In fact, I have another order arriving within the week. But, when I opened this container to take inventory, imagine my dismay, when I see loose powder on the bottom of the container…and then upon further inspection, a noticeable “slice” in one of the packages.

At least it was a “slice” and not made from a rat nibble. I will close inspect all remaining packages now though. but I am now very worried about my second delivery arriving 100% in tact. I’m so incredibly…pissed off…that I will look at Augason, ReadyWise AND ReadyHour products more closely now. Not able to return or get a refund, so yeah, right now…this is a poor ROI.

Trust Pilot Reviews

Usually Trust Pilot, or review websites have very biased reviews because mostly customers who’ve had bad experience are likely to leave a comment and a review, so take it with a grain of salt.


Positive feedback highlights prompt delivery, functional products like the Patriot Power Sidekick and satisfactory performance of items like the Patriot Power Greens. Some customers appreciated the efforts of specific customer service representatives in resolving issues.

However, negative reviews cite difficulties in reaching customer service, delays in response times, and dissatisfaction with product performance or delivery, such as damaged or missing items. Complaints also include billing discrepancies, shipping issues, and perceived lack of transparency regarding pricing and product quality.

Reddit Reviews

4patriots reddit

Some users are praising their taste and convenience, particularly highlighting the small packaging and ease of storage. However, there are concerns about the high price point, with several users mentioning that similar products can be made at a fraction of the cost using grocery store ingredients.

Additionally, there are doubts about the quality and value of the products, with criticisms of low calorie counts, small portion sizes, and some items being described as overpriced and of questionable quality, especially when compared to alternatives like Mountain House or military surplus MREs.

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