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Free Camping, Hunting, & 

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Free Hunting Tools
& Samples By Mail in 2023

We do not handle any orders or shipping, so please double-check for any subscription services or other fees when confirming your order from any of these 3rd party websites, companies, and brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am sure you have questions that need some answering, so here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission to support the website if you opt-in for any of the offers above.

Why are these hunting samples free?

Certain companies want to promote their brand, so sometimes they run free promotional offers to get their name out. However, sometimes they also make a slight profit on higher shipping fees, but it still can be win-win for the brand and buyer as these free gear, camp, and hunting equipment is being offered at a discount.

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How long is shipping for these hunting gear?

Depending on the brand it can take a week or a few weeks. I would recommend Ape Survival, Evatac, and MCC brands out of these offers. They are usually the most reliable with decent customer support.

Are there hidden subscription fees?

Some of these offers might have a 14-day free trial, so make sure to cancel in time or uncheck the box during the checkout process if you don’t want to be charged extra. Our website does not handle any shipping or orders, so please do your due diligence when ordering from any 3rd party sites.

Refund and guarantees

Some of these brands offer refund guarantee in case you don’t like your product, but it varies company to company. When confirming your order from any 3-rd party websites, please check whether there are clear customer support contact information and refund guarantees.