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Get These 5 EVATAC Knives FOR FREE!

Get These 5 EVATAC Knives FOR FREE!

Join our emailing list and take part in the free giveaway for Evatac Knives! Evatac Rescue Knife The Evatac Rescue knife is the perfect Every Day Carry Knife. You can fold it and put it in your pocket and when in need, just unfold it for whatever use you need it for....

Do Flashlights Drain Batteries When Off?

Depending on what kind of flashlight you have, you may encounter what is called parasitic drain. Electric or digital switches have to draw power from batteries to work, albeit in very small amount. It's nothing to be concerned about really, but if you want, you can...

Do Flashlights Spook Deer?

Flashlights most often than not, do not spook deer and there are countless examples and experiences with people seeing a deer within 20-40 yards just standing there curious about the light source. Yellow and White light source do however get their attention. Hunters...