Mountain House is a renowned name in outdoor and emergency food solutions, offering a diverse range of freeze-dried meals that adventurers, preppers, and emergency preparedness enthusiasts love.

With a history dating back to 1968, Mountain House has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality, shelf-stable meals that are easy to prepare and enjoy, whether you’re on a backpacking expedition, camping trip, or preparing for unforeseen emergencies.

But how good are their products really? Let’s dive deep into the goods, the bads, and the uglies.

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Mountain House Youtube Product Reviews

Generally other YouTubers liked the taste and the selection of different tastes and types along with the ease of ease and convenience.

However, hydrating it seems to be a common theme among reviewers.

amazon reviews

Now if you look at the reviews for the top products, they actually have pretty good ratings from thousands of buyers who tried their product.

mountain house amazon reviews

What People Like

Recent reviews of Mountain House meals have consistently praised their delicious flavor and satisfying taste, earning them a remarkable 5-star rating from satisfied customers. One reviewer described the biscuits and gravy as reminiscent of a local mom-and-pop cafe, highlighting the authentic taste and hearty texture of the meal.

Despite its appearance, described by another reviewer as resembling mashed biscuits and gravy in a bag, the taste exceeded expectations, with many customers expressing surprise at how delicious and filling the meal turned out to be.

I like to take this on longer hikes for breakfast. It’s easy to prepare and tastes good too! It looks like someone mashed up a plate of biscuits and gravy, and put it in a bag. Don’t let the looks deceive you! It’s my fav breakfast

What Could Be Better

Several reviewers expressed disappointment with the texture of the sausage, describing it as rubbery or difficult to chew, while others criticized the overall mushy appearance and consistency of the meal.

Some people don’t like the taste at all, but in general, out of 1000 people, only a handful had something bad to say, so they are mostly the outlier of people who had different taste palettes or higher expectations from a packaged food.

Both overall recipe and texture have changed for the worse.
Former favorite is now unpalatable. Aside from flavour no longer addictingly good: biscuit fragments rehydrated but the sausage crumbles did not. Beware.

Redditor reviews

reddit reviews

Many Redditors appreciated the convenience of Mountain House meals, especially after a tiring day of outdoor activities like hiking. They found the taste surprisingly good for freeze-dried meals, particularly enjoying flavors like lasagna, biscuits and gravy, beef stroganoff, and chicken & dumplings.

“I could eat it three times a day.” – u/DahliaChild

Users also liked the quality and ease of preparation of Mountain House meals, requiring only hot water to rehydrate. Some users mentioned specific favorites among the Mountain House lineup.

“I only do a couple trips a year and always use Mountain House out of convenience… it’s soooo good waking up and enjoying after hiking all day prior.” – u/LedoPizzaEater

On the other hand…

A common concern among Redditors was the high sodium content of Mountain House meals, which some found excessive. Price was another issue for some users, who felt that the meals were expensive compared to other options. Some users also felt that the caloric content of the meals was insufficient, especially for long outdoor trips.

Portion sizes and rehydration issues were also cited as drawbacks by some users. Additionally, some users preferred other brands or homemade options for various reasons including taste, ingredients, and cost.

Final Thoughts

mountain house pesonal review

As someone who enjoys outdoor adventures, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with freeze-dried meals, particularly those from Mountain House. Overall, I find them to be convenient and satisfying after a long day of hiking or camping. While they may not always match the flavor and freshness of homemade meals, they serve their purpose well in providing a hot and filling option on the trail.

As a hungry fellow, the portion sizes can sometimes feel inadequate, especially after a particularly strenuous day, so I end up eating a few packets to satisfy my hunger.

In conclusion, freeze-dried meals like those from Mountain House are a convenient option for outdoor enthusiasts seeking quick and easy meal solutions while on the go. While they may not rival homemade dishes in taste and nutrition, they serve their purpose well in providing sustenance during outdoor adventures.

Overall, I would recommend freeze-dried meals as a reliable option for outdoor dining, especially when convenience and portability are paramount. And it seems like other reviewers and buyers have similar sentiments to mine.

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