Choosing the right knife for yourself is usually a matter of personal preference. Whether you are looking for a suitable knife for camping/hiking, or EDC/self-defense, the question of which knife is better in terms of functionality and durability remains.

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What is a Fixed Blade?

The Steel River Colossal Fixed Blade 2
Strong and durableUsually heavy
Easy to clean and maintainNot convenient to carry around (requires sheath)
Perfect for tough outdoor tasksMore expensive

If you’ve noticed, most survival knives tend to be built with fixed blades. Since the blade is fixed to the handle, it does not fold over. That’s why fixed-blade knives are more strong and more durable.

As The Knife Hub explains, fixed blade knives are much tougher than folding knives, especially if they have a full tang. This is because the presence of a joint greatly weakens the knife.

Plus, compared to folding knives, it is easier to clean and maintain them. However, I wouldn’t suggest a fixed blade for everyday use as it’s difficult to carry them around. You might need good health to ensure safety. Below you can see the pros and cons of fixed blades clearly.

What is a Folding Pocket Knife?

smith wesson folding knife
Safe and convenientEasy to break
Makes the perfect EDC knifeDifficult to clean and maintain

Some people know folding knives as pocket knives. Generally, they have blades that are 3 inches or shorter. Therefore, it’s incredibly convenient to carry them around. You won’t need any sheath or protection. So safety is another advantage of folding knives. Overall, they make the perfect EDC knife.

However, you might have a hard time cleaning them. In addition, since there are moving parts, it breaks more easily. compared to fixed full tang knives You have to make sure you are not putting too much pressure on the blade when using it. So it’s not very ideal for cutting tough material like wood.

Folding vs Fixed Knife | Which Is Better?

michal bozek Bd ptblQtc0 unsplash scaled 1

In general, you can see that both knives have their own pros and cons. So it comes down to what type of tasks you will be using the knife for. While a fixed blade is more suitable for tough tasks in a rugged environment, a folding knife is convenient to be carried daily.

If you are looking for a more versatile, lightweight, and EDC knife, a Folding knife is the go-to one. On the other hand, if you prefer a more durable, though, heavier knife, a Fixed blade is the opt one for you.