Are Steel River Knives Made in China?

Their products don’t specifically state where they are made. Their website don’t state where the materials are imported or where it’s manufactured. You could directly ask where their knives are made.

Are Steel River Knives Any Good?

The knives listed on their website are more expensive than the exact same offers that you can find online on a different website. We recommend you to take a look through our free steel river knife offers and get it 3-4 cheaper with their special promotion.

The knives themselves are durable, well designed, and most costumers leave a good feedback. However, for the retail price listed on their website, I think you can find better knives for $40-$100 somewhere else.

What Kinds of Knives Do They Offer?

They have a wide selection of knives, from stiletto, to fixed blades, and much more, they make a wide range of designs, so it’s not limited to only one particular type of design.