Here’s Where to Buy Luci Solar Lantern

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You can buy it from Amazon, but it might cost you a little more and the specific model you are looking for might not be in store.

However, there are special deals and promos online where you can get it with free shipping here.

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What is Luci Solar Lantern


Luci solar lantern is a portable and easy to use lantern from Survival Frog that you can bring with you during your camping trips. It has enough lumens to light up your surroundings and can be charged by the sun. It’s a pretty nifty tool to have for any outdoor and camping enthusiast.

You can hang it from a tree, your tent, or anywhere you please to light up your surroundings. It can also be useful in case of power outages, or if you have an off the grid home. Simply inflate it, viola you can light things up.

The Advantages of Solar Lanterns

  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Rechargeable via the sun
  • Inflatable and waterproof
  • Portable and light weight
  • Makes your camping trip more enjoyable