How Much Does a Flashlight Cost?

Depending on your what your needs are and what you need a flashlight specifically for, it can range from 0$ to over 100$.

0$ Flashlights

If you simply need a flashlight that can help you find something in the room while it’s dark, or if you need to know your way around the house, your phone flashlight will work just fine.

Though having a proper flashlight in case the power goes out is a good idea, sometimes you just don’t need to waste money on something uncessary.

Since the invention of mobile phones, their flashlight has only been getting better and better.

Flashlights up to $10

Now these flashlights will work for most people for most occasions. If you need to find your around in dark environments or if you need find something in your backpack,etc, for common use, pocket flashlights will work just fine.

You can find these types of flashlights in your local mall or kiosk, etc.

They are not replacement for proper flashlight that are meant to shine longer distances, so keep that in mind.

Flashlights Up to $25

Now we are getting a bit more serious and roaming into the territory where flashlighs pack a little bit of a punch.

You can expect flashlights in the $25 range to be used for hiking, hunting, outdoor use etc. In such cases ~300 Lumens will work perfectly fine and if that is what you are looking for, go for it.

Flashlights Up to $50

We are crossing military grade flashlights in the $50 price range. These flashlights can light distances up to a few hundred yards and mean some serious business!

Depending on your preference, you can get flashlights with a bigger handle if in case you need to act as a baton…

Or there are plently of smaller sized ones that are compact and portable. Some of them will have certain features and power options that can be changed and customized.

You can expect well above 1000 Lumens for this price range. Such flashlights can light up objects almost half a mile away.

Unless you really need the firepower, you don’t have to buy flashlights in this range. These types of flashlights are better suited for policemen, firefighters, search and rescue etc.

Flashlights Up to $100

So you are looking for the best that technology has to offer? Then, in this prace range, you can have your field day!

Not only are they incredibly bright, but you can expect to reach 10000 Lumens and flashlights that can light up almost a whole football field.

If you are looking for some serious sun-like brightness, get the larger ones, or if you want portable military grade flashlights, then the small ones will also work. You have plenty of light modes to choose from with different features.