What is a Blue Light Flashlight Used for?

If you’ve watched movies and TV shows, you might have seen blue light flashlights being used often during crime scenes and investigations. I myself always wondered why blue light instead of other lights, well I finally figured it out, and surprisingly it’s not only used for crime scene investigations, but there are many other applications for blue light as well.

Because of the wavelength of the color blue, it does not affect your night vision, it makes it easier to see fluids such as blood and cutting through water/fog. Thus, blue light comes in very handy during crime scene investigations, but there are more uses!

Fishermen use it to attract and see fish at night because that’s when they are most visible and relaxed. Hunters as well use blue light to track down game when they are wounded and dripping fluids.

Advantages of Blue Light

Because blue light has a shorter wavelength, it does interfere with night vision during the, so if you plan on hunting, fishing, or any particular activity that requires you to see your surroundings well without calling too much attention to yourself during the night, then use blue light.

While white light allows you to see things more clearly, once you turn it off, basically you are blind and lose your natural night vision.

Uses for Blue Light

  • As mentioned blue light flashlights are very popular with fishermen who like to go fishing at night when it’s calm and quiet.
  • Hunters use blue light to track down wounded animals as it helps them see blood and fluids more easily.
  • Technicians, miners, and inspectors sometimes use blue headlight to see better in dusty and foggy environments. White light tends to reflect smaller particles, so it can get in the view of what they actually want to see.