All Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag

All Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag- Winter Sleeping Bag for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking & Travel – Waterproof, Compact and Ultralight Cold Weather Sleeping Sack for Adults up to 6’6

If only we had the luxury of carrying our comfortable beds high up in the mountains and enjoy a nice sleep while at it! Definitely, that’s not a feasible option while camping. But an All Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag sound and feels cozy enough for a place that rugged. After all, what’s a better thing to do than stare at the Milky Way on a comfortable sleeping bag? What’s best is that it can also fit your six-foot tall self without any complications.

What is the All Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag?

Providing proper sleep to your body is absolutely necessary and with this sleeping bag, you will surely get just that. With an extreme minimum temperature of 25° F, you can freely cozy up in it. Form as many angles on your bed or even a six-foot long straight line would fit into it without any adjustments.

Make your chores less cumbersome by easily washing it in a washing machine. You can also compress it to a very small size and easily store it anywhere you please. Wherever you are, safety comes first. It is for the same reason that this sleeping bag provides you with inner pockets to safely store your phones and other accessories in it.

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What can Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag Do?

Primarily, this is for really tall people out there who have probably always had to squeeze their heels to fit in. But, no more. It can easily be used to hold a person as long as 6’6 feet with enough space to freely move your legs about.

Having traveled for an entire day and done various kinds of activities, our body sure needs to have a relaxing sleep. This sleeping bag aims at providing just that. It keeps the body warm and snuggly on a very cold night. However, it has a relatively weak zipper. But that can be taken care of by the customer service if you face a similar situation.

Its sturdy build lets you use it in all seasons and for all kinds of activities, namely hiking, mountaineering, camping, and the likes. The durable waterproof shell will keep you dry in rainy seasons. The soft liner will keep you comfy.

After a long day’s tire and with all the comfort all at once you are sure to snuggle into a deep sleep. But what’s worrying is who will look after your things if you are going solo? Well, the makers seem to have a solution even for that. You can use the inner storage pouch for keeping your important accessories safe and within your reach.

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Design and Specifications

  1. Comfort– The maker of the all seasons Mummy sleeping bag have tried to make it as comfortable as possible. Besides a zipper, there is a velcro closure to not let even a wisp of cool air disturb your sleep. It has the capability of keeping your warm enough even if the temperature falls to an extreme minimum of 25°F.
  2. Ease of Handling- Even though it is a huge item, it does not really occupy space when not in use. You can easily compress it to 8x8x15 inches using the compressing sack and fit it in your bag pack with other stuff. There isn’t much drama about washing it too. Wash it in your washing machine like other clothes and hang it out to dry without any worries. It is low maintenance and is very lightweight too.
  3. All Outdoor Purposes- Be it camping trips or trekking and other such outdoor activities, this bag surely is for all outdoor purposes. The durable build makes it strong and the waterproof covering helps the cause.
  4. Safety- Safety is really important if you are out on a trip. But so is a good night’s sleep. The inner part has a pocket that allows you to store your phone and keys safe while you sleep.
  5. Huge– Both length wise and breadth the sleeping bag is amply big enough for you to form circles in it. With 87 x32 inches, it gives more space than required to gain the most from your sleep. A person as tall as 6’6 can fit into it without any hesitation.


Coleman Palmetto Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

This Coleman Palmetto sleeping bag has a Thermolock system that prevents heat from escaping or cool air from invading. Through its comfort smart technology, it provides many features that will keep you warm. The Mummy Sleeping bag lacks this feature.

Even though it does not have a compression sack, its roll control design enables to easily fold it thereby making it quick. Also if you are more than one person, you can easily zip two such bags together for more sleep space for more than one person. Besides this, it is cheaper than the all season sleeping bag, too.

The All Season Sleeping Bag keeps you warm in all seasons. However, the Coleman Sleeping bag uses the thermolock system which is a more enhanced way of providing heat. The roll control design, lacking in the Mummy sleeping bag, is really handy as it easily enables you to fold the bag.

If you are looking for a spacious sleeping bag then all your worries might just end here. The Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag will keep you enough warm to not want to get out of it. Also, you will surely like its easy fold technology.

Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

All sleeping bags seem to have a solution for cold nights but what about warm nights. This bag is your solution. You just need to unzip the bottom of the bag for more ventilation on nights when the weather isn’t cold enough.

Unlike the Mummy Sleeping bag, there is a box shaped foot space provided in the end so that you can comfortably move your feet while in it. Its quilting construction as well seems to stand out when compared to the All Season Mummy sleeping bag. This construction negates cold spots and keeps you warm in every inch of your body.

Unlike the mummy sleeping bag, this Coleman extreme weather provides ventilation on warm nights. It has extra foot space at the bottom for easy movement of the feet, whereas the mummy sleeping bag has no such thing. Its quilt construction reduces cold spots. But the Mummy sleeping bag keeps you warm altogether.

To sum it up, the Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag is a very good alternative for the All Season Mummy Sleeping Bag, or even if you just want to have a second sleeping bag.

Forbidden Road Portable Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The most prominent a distinction between this bag and All Season is that the portable bag has room enough to house an adult and two kids. However, for more room in this little home of yours, you can combine two single sleeping bags to increase the available space.

Also, it hardly takes even a minute to fold this bag easily. It is suitable for all ages and gender. It proves to be a good choice for campers and travelers. Unlike most other sleeping bags, the Forbidden Road Portable can fit in two to three people at once.

Its easy fold method saves a lot of time. This is a very good choice if you are looking for a bag that doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet accommodates more than one person.


Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep and a bed is a very big factor that comes into consideration here. Sleeping bags are the best alternatives for our most cherished beds at home. Besides, not having a proper sleeping bag could leave your muscles aching for the rest of the journey. The All Season Mummy Sleeping Bag is an apt choice as it ensures your well being, comfort and safety all at the same time. So click here to check out the All Season Mummy Sleeping Bag.