5 Reasons Why You Need a Backpacking Flashlight

If you think your phone flashlight is good enough for camping trips, then you are dead wrong! One of my friends got lost in the middle of nowhere and trying to find her in total darkness proved to be one of the most anxious experiences I’ve ever had.

So here are 5 reasons why you need a flashlight for camping trips and outdoor use.

You won’t get lost

During a camping trip not so long ago, one of my friends got really drunk and decided to go wander off without telling us. It was almost a half an hour of scrambling around before we finally found her.

It was pathetic as to how unprepared we were. The 3 of us holding our phones and using the flashlight that only let us see a few yards ahead of us, we barely saw anything.

A camping / hiking flashlight could have saved us all heartache and peace of mind.

A flashlight helps you stay organized

When you are setting up camp for the night, having a flashlight will help save time and stay organized. Finding things in dark is not easy, but certain flashlights that have wide cast range mode can make it a whole lot smoother experience.

The only warning though when you are setting up camp in the dark is to be wary of bugs that are attracted to light. Such bugs live especially close to a water source, so use your judgment.

A flashlight that is 400 lumens or above can help you see your surroundings even a few yards away, so you could set up your flashlight far from where you are setting up camp to avoid bugs swarming you.

Use it in case of emergencies

In case there is any emergency a flashlight can help you get people’s attention. For whatever reason in case there is emergency and if you don’t have a phone, you can use your flashlight to signal for help.

Turning it on and off or waving it around is a good way to signal that you need help.

You can use a flashlight to defend yourself

Most animals are sensitive to light and most predators are scared of seeing bright lights, so a flashlight can come in handy in case you need to defend yourself against animals.

It can even come in handy if someone tries to mug you as a flashlight is bright enough to disorientate your attacker, giving you enough time to run away.

You never know when you need one

A flashlight at the end of the day, should be at the top of your list when you go hiking or camping. You never know when you need one as there can be many situations where you just wish you had one.

From finding something, to staying safe out in the wild, there are all kinds of use that you can find for it.