Product Details

  • Durable Glasses For Sports & Outdoors 

  • Comes With 3 Different Lenses For Any Setting & Brightness

  • Yellow Nighttime Lens Great For

  • Reducing Glare & Improving Vision

  • Microfiber Cleaning Wipe Included

  • Head Strap Included

  • Carrying Case Included

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Tactical Glasses Review 

Snazzy looking glasses that are equipped with three lens for all of your activities during the day. Dark lens to protect your eyes in the day. Yellow lens to protect your guys from glare and bright lights in the night and clear lens just to protect your eyes.

The glasses are padded to protect your eyes from dirt, snow, rain or other debris without the need to close your eyes when you are doing important work. These are very important glasses for all hikers. These should be in everyone’s bag as they are the one of the most useful bags you can own.