85% Discount: Ape Survival Tactical Defense StrikeLight

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You can claim 85% discount for the Strikelight on Ape Survival’s official website.

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  • Super Bright 600 lumens LED Emitter!
  • ​Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body
  • ​Quick baton extension
  • ​Sharp Bevel Edge For Defense
  • ​Glass Breaker
  • ​3 Light Functions (Full, Half, & Strobe)
  • ​Powered By 3 x AA Lithium Batteries
  • ​Adjustable Light Zoom (Zoom Up To 1300ft!)
  • ​Stainless & Rustproof
  • ​Wide Fin Heat Disbursement

The STRIKELIGHT™ is a multifunctional self-defense and flashlight tool. By twisting the handle, it extends an additional 4 inches, allowing you to strike an attacker from a safe distance. The flashlight has three light functions: full brightness, half power, and strobe light. The strobe light feature is designed to disorient an attacker and can provide an opportunity to escape or strike. The light size can also be adjusted, with a wider light best for close combat and a smaller, more focused light suitable for long distances. Overall, the STRIKELIGHT™ is a reliable tactical flashlight and defense weapon.

Ape Survival is throwing in a LED flashlight as a gift when you get one of these batons.


1 review for 85% Discount: Ape Survival Tactical Defense StrikeLight

  1. Peak

    A self defense tool that comes with a flashlight.

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