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  • The case stores 180 batteries
  • It holds 78 x AA, 64 x AAA, 8 x 9V, 10 x C, 8 x D batteries, and for 12 button.
  • The sleek container measures 3.5 x 13.62 x 9.25 inches,
  • Completely portable.
  • It’s solid, secure, and lockable.
  • When you fill it up, the batteries are sorted by size.

Battery Vault Battery Case Review

This is a nice-sized case just for batteries. It holds over 180 batteries making all of your electronic needs easier and more accessible when on the road or in the wilderness.

The case is well organized so you can fit all the batteries into their perspective slot. Since the case is hard sealed and protected, it prevents water and dust from getting inside the batteries which prevent corrosion.

This is a good buy for those who do electronic projects on the go or are on a long trip hiking for the week. I find this a useful case for those who like to bring their old-school gadgets on the go!

  1. Protection: A battery vault case can protect the battery from physical damage such as drops, scratches, and impact.
  2. Weather Resistant: Many battery vault cases are designed to be weather resistant, which can help to protect the battery from rain, snow, and other harsh environmental conditions.
  3. Increased Battery Life: The battery vault case can help to extend the life of the battery by protecting it from damage and environmental factors.
  4. Portability: A battery vault case can make it easier to transport the battery, as it can be carried by hand or placed in a bag or backpack.
  5. Easy Access: A battery vault case can have a secure locking mechanism that allows easy access to the battery when it needs to be used.
  6. Increased Safety: Battery vault cases can have safety features such as over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and short-circuit protection to keep the battery safe.
  7. Compatibility: Battery vault cases are usually compatible with a wide range of batteries and devices, which makes it convenient for the user.

1 review for 50% Discount: Battery Vault Battery Case

  1. Mike

    A real useful product with tons of space for your equipment.

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