Steel River Patriotic Colossal Blade

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You can get this Colossal Knife from Steel River’s official giveaway website. There is a 14-day trial for subscription service, so make sure to cancel in time if you don’t need it. Insight Hiking does not handle orders, shipping, or billing.

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Steel River Colossal Blade Details

  • Steel Trail Point Fixed Blade
  • Blade Length – 5.5 Inches
  • 10.5 Inches Total Length
  • Total Weight = 12 oz
  • Rubberized Comfort Grip
  • Extremely Durable
  • Brutally Patriotic & Intimidating
  • Sheath Included

Dominating colossal Size

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Colossal Patriot Open

Crafted with precision and designed for dominance, the 10.5 inch Colossal Knife is your ultimate tool for any task. Its substantial size ensures unparalleled power, making it ideal for heavy-duty cutting, slicing, and chopping.

5.5 Inch Steel Trail-Point Blade

Engineered for durability and strength, the Colossal Knife comes with a 5.5 inch steel trail-point blade. It’s your reliable companion in any environment.

From intricate carving to rugged outdoor adventures, trust in this robust blade to deliver exceptional results every time.

Enhanced Comfort and Accessibility

Experience comfort and convenience like never before with the 12-ounce total weight, including sheath and belt clip for easy access. The ergonomically designed non-slip grip ensures a secure hold, even in demanding conditions, allowing you to wield this formidable tool with confidence.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman, a dedicated DIY enthusiast, or simply seeking a reliable utility knife for everyday use, the 10.5 inch BEHEMOTH Knife is your ultimate solution for unmatched performance, durability, and versatility.

1 review for Steel River Patriotic Colossal Blade

  1. Peak

    Sturdy and durable with a cool design.

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