Compared with a lot of brands out there, they are quite reliable with shipping, quality of products, and customer service. You can’t go wrong when choosing to participate in their giveaways. Shipping is like $4.95 – $9.95, so you can get amazing value from their giveaway offers.

You do get 14-day free trial period to their subscription service, so make sure to cancel it in time if you don’t need it or don’t plan to learn about outdoor survival stuff.

Anyways, here are the TOP most recommended bundles, knives, you should get.

Steel River Camo Bundle

camo colossal knife bundle


  • 10.5″ Total Length
  • Heavy Duty Leather Sheath
  • Durable Ceramic Coated Steel
  • 6.5″ Steel Blade


  • Non-slip Textured Grip
  • Integrated Belt Clip
  • Fast Spring Action

If you’re on the hunt for a blade that matches your wild spirit, meet our Colossal Blade and Camo Stiletto, crafted to be your trusty sidekick on every adventure.

Colossal Blade: Standing tall at 10.5 inches and snug in a heavy-duty leather sheath, the Colossal Blade is your go-to for toughness. Its 6.5-inch ceramic-coated steel blade is like a precision artist in the wild, ready for any task.

Camo Stiletto: Say hello to the Camo Stiletto, your stealthy companion. Grip it with confidence thanks to its non-slip texture and keep it close with the built-in belt clip. Need speed? Its fast spring action is always ready for action.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just exploring the unknown, our blades are more than tools—they’re your adventure buddies, always up for a challenge.

Steel River Gentleman Bundle

gentleman knife bundle


  • Wicked Fast Spring Assisted Blade Release
  • Contoured Handle W/ Added Thumb Jimping
  • Ceramic Coated Trail Point Blade
  • Adjustable Belt Clip For EDC
  • Extremely Sharp 3.75″ Blade


  • Wicked Fast Spring Assisted Blade Release
  • Unique Triangular Punch For Breaking Glass
  • Integrated Adjustable Belt Clip
  • Lethal 3.75″ Blade
  • Contoured Grip For Improved Handling

Now this is a combo for real gentlemen!

You get the best of both worlds, because the folding knife is great for every day use or in any case for survival, however, if you need something for self-defense, then the combat dagger is also part of the bundle.

There is just something satisfying spring loading the dagger and wicking it.

Steel River Stilleto

redwood stiletto


  • Blade Length: 3.75″
  • Blade Material: 3Cr13
  • Total Length: 8.75″
  • Handle Length: 5″

Or if you are if you want just want a free stiletto, then the Redwood Stiletto from Steel River might be a good choice. I love the handle because it feels more rustic or masculine you could say.

It feels quite nice when you’re wielding it with decent weight and feel.

The Redwood stiletto is great for EDC use and self-defense, so whether it’s for outdoors or keeping yourself safe, it’s a great knife to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions for the Evatac knife and some its products.

Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission when you opt for any of these offers. We do not handle shipping, payments, or billing, so please contact Evatac directly.

Can You Make Returns?

Of course, if you do not like their products, you can reach out to Steel River via the support and contact details for any returns within 60-day period.

How Fast Is Shipping?

SOS Defense / Steel River is known for their customer service and speedy shipping compared to other brands out there that offer “free” bundles and packages.

Is There a Shipping Cost?

Depending on the bundle or product, you may be charged $5-$10, but it’s a steal because you’re getting $30-$50 worth of products for peanuts. However, you do get automatically signed up for a 14-day trial to their outdoor survival course, so make sure to cancel it in time if you don’t want it.

Are These Free Offers Legit?

Yes, SOS Defense or Steel River is quite reliable and a legit company with decent reviews across the board. They’ve been doing these giveaways for more than 3-4 years now and still adding to their collection.

Steel River Contact Information

Email: Phone: (888) 729 – 6151

540 South Main Street, Suite 122, Akron OH 44311 USA

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