Shockwave Mini Flashlight + Stun Gun

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  • Light and Compact For Effortless Everyday Carry: The Shockwave Mini is super compact – at just 4.25 inches long and 2.9 oz in weight.
  • Gives You Forever Light: The Shockwave Mini’s LED lasts 100,000 hours so you’ll get a lifetime of use.
  • This incredible LED fires off 150 lumens of blinding light which is more than enough to light up a room.
  • Never Needs Batteries: The Shockwave Mini Torch has a specialized rechargeable battery built right in. And using a standard USB cable you can plug it into a wall, computer, TV etc. to charge it quickly. At full power, the light will last approximately 2-3 hours.
  • It’s Tough As Nails: Made the Shockwave Mini from an ultralight and ultra-rugged combat aluminum body. Every inch is reinforced so you can use it and abuse it for years.

To use the Shockwave Mini to light up a football field, just switch the safety to “Light Mode” and press the top button to activate the flashlight.

Simple as that.

Then to put in EXECUTION MODE all you do is switch it from “Light” to “Stun” on the bottom, and then press the button to drop a thug.


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