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  • 2020 Survival product of the YEAR!
  • Perfect addition to your bug-out bag!
  • Weighs only 3.7 ounces!
  • Ideal for hikers, campers, travelers, etc.
  • Portable, and ideal to throw in the back of the car or backpack!
  • Get yourself out of any Jam! Start a fire, boil water, roast marshmallows, etc…

This is perfect for outdoor and camping enthusiasts who want something portable and handy. You don’t have to go through all the effort to chop wood and get firewood going just to get a cup of coffee or a tea.

You can simply fold this stove, put the square fuel block, light it, and viola, you have a mini campfire with some eggs, and bacon, or prepare something hot to drink.

Besides the functional use and how easy it is to set it up and light up, I love the portability and minimalism of this pocket stove. You can basically carry it around with you in your back pocket.

A pocket stove may be purchased for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. To provide a convenient and portable cooking option for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
  2. To have a backup cooking option in case of power outages or emergency situations.
  3. To be a lightweight and compact alternative to traditional camping stoves.
  4. To be a cost-effective and efficient way to cook food.
  5. To be a environmental friendly alternative to disposable fuels like propane or butane.
  6. To be a useful tool for survivalists, preppers, and bushcrafters.
  7. To be an easy way to cook food for picnics, beach trips, or other outdoor gatherings.
  8. To be a fun and interesting tool for outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists.

1 review for Free Survival Pocket Stove

  1. Mike

    An amazing item that can be carried in a pocket. Comes in real handy on trips.

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