Free Steel River Latin & Panga Machete

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The Latin Machete:

latin machete
  • 23″ Stainless Steel Blade
  • Polypropylene Handle
  • Protective Sheath with a belt clip
  • Contoured Grip for Improved Handling
  • Extremely Durable Steel Blade
  • Lightweight Yet Absolutely Brutal

The Panga Machete:

panga macheter
  • 23″ Stainless Steel Blade
  • Polypropylene Handle
  • Protective Sheath with a belt clip
  • Contoured Grip for Improved Handling
  • Extremely Durable Steel Blade
  • Improved ‘Up-swept’ Belly Tip

Free Steel River Latin & Panga Review

Machetes are renowned for their versatility. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or tending to your property, a machete is an invaluable tool. Need to clear brush from a trail? It’s a breeze. Want to chop wood for a fire? Consider it done. With a machete in hand, you’re equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

The Blade & Handle

The Steel River Latin & Panga Machetes are built to withstand the test of time. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these machetes are designed to endure years of heavy use when properly maintained.

The blade itself isn’t too bad, it’s just the construction of the handle that is a little ugly. It’s just blocky, fat, and made out of cheap plastic. If you want a machete with an even cool-looking blade with a more comfortable grip, then check out the Free TRS Buccaneer Machete.

The handle could definitely be designed to be a little more comfortable. Also, the sheath just doesn’t go well with the machete color, but for practical purposes, it’s better to have them sheathed than open carry as you might hurt yourself.

Sheath & Belt Loop

Safety is paramount when working with blades, and these machetes prioritize user protection. Both the Latin and Panga Machetes come with a nylon sheath featuring belt loops. This added safety feature ensures that you can carry and use your machetes confidently, knowing that they are securely protected when not in use.

A Tool for Self-Defense

In the worst-case scenario, a machete can be a lifesaving self-defense tool. With their sharp blades and sturdy construction, the Latin and Panga Machetes are formidable weapons to fend off attackers and keep you safe in dangerous situations. While I hope you never have to use them for this purpose, it’s reassuring to have them as a last line of defense.

roman gladius

The size of these machetes is similar to the Roman Gladius, about the length of your forearms and hands.  A little skinner than the sword shown above, but around similar size.

Overall, for practical purposes such as cutting wood, grass, and branches in a densely populated forest, it will do its job. The steel and construction are reliable, just a little ugly.

For $10 shipping and handling it’s not such a bad deal for 2 steel machetes. As I said, the construction may not look the prettiest nor feel that comfortable in your hands, but if you need a durable machete that will cut something, get these.

When checking out, make sure to know that you are subscribed to a 14-day survival video course. Be sure to cancel the subscription within the 14-day period if you don’t want to be charged $57.

1 review for Free Steel River Latin & Panga Machete

  1. Mike

    The balance is excellent, the metal is good quality and the blade came very sharp.

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