Free Bravo Dual Point Sling

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  • Strong Single Point – 2-point gun sling
  • Adjustable length 132-176cm (there is a 2-3cm measurement allowance)
  • ​High Strength Bungee – Fully Adjustable To Provide Different Lengths
  • Military-Law Enforcement Quality

Bravo Dual Point Sling Review

If you go hunting often, having a high-quality sling for your firearm is essential. And hunting is not the only occasion you’ll need these.

The C7 Bravo Quick Release Two Point Bungee Sling has metal D-rings at each end for attaching spring clips so you can convert the sling from two-point to single point and back by simply attaching one end of spring clip to either metal D-ring.

The quick connect buckles allow you to quickly detach the sling from the firearm or re-connect it back easily. The length is also adjustable to fit anyone.

The bungee shock cord on each end of the sling absorbs the shock of the firearm bouncing when not shouldered.

It is easily attached to any kind of firearm including guns, rifles, shotguns, and even BB guns, paintball guns, and airsoft pistols and rifles.


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