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Fanny-Pack Holster Review

This pouch looks small and squared so no one realizes you are carrying a full-size gun inside because the barrel extends and is hidden in the belt compartment.

Perfect for both covert ops and off-duty CCW wear, when camping & hiking, traveling daily use, and those who need concealed carry.

This works well for Small-sized guns and is compatible with a wide range of guns from the Glock 43, 26, and 27 to the M&P Shield, Ruger LC9, and any gun with a MAX Overall Length of 8”.

A small front pocket to hold your clips, ammo, wallet, flashlight, keys, etc. This is one of the most useful tools to have for hikers as it can carry a wide range of other tools that can be held in one place.

There are several reasons why someone might choose to buy a fanny-pack holster:

  1. Concealment: A fanny-pack holster allows you to conceal a handgun while still keeping it easily accessible.
  2. Hands-free: A fanny-pack holster allows you to carry your handgun without having to hold it in your hand, which can be useful for activities such as hiking or biking.
  3. Comfort: A fanny-pack holster can be worn comfortably for long periods of time, as it distributes the weight of the gun evenly across your hips.
  4. Accessibility: A fanny-pack holster allows you to quickly and easily access your handgun in case of an emergency.
  5. Versatility: A fanny-pack holster can be worn with a variety of different clothing styles, making it a versatile option for concealed carry.
  6. Discreet: Fanny-pack holster can be worn discreetly, making it difficult for others to know that you are carrying a weapon.
  7. Extra storage: Many fanny-pack holsters come with extra pockets and compartments, which can be used to store other items such as a phone, wallet, or keys.
  8. Concealment in restricted places: Some areas do not allow open carry of firearms, a fanny-pack holster can be a good option to comply with the law while still having a concealed weapon.

1 review for Free Fanny-Pack Holster

  1. Mike

    It can carry a lot more than it seems, but the look is too bulky.

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