Free Evatac / Tac-Right Rescue Tac-Knife

You can get this free Evatac / Tac-Knife Rescue Knife from their official website. Insight Hiking does not handle shipping, billing, or orders.

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Formerly known as the Evatac Rescue Knife, it’s now rebranded as the Tac-Knife. It is the perfect outdoor survival knife that can come in handy in case of emergencies.

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Product Details:

  • ​Ultra Sharp Drop Point Blade
  • ​Spring Assisted Folder
  • ​Integrated Belt Cutter
  • ​Emergency Glass Breaker
  • Tough ​Meaty 1/8″ Blade
  • ​Ergonomically Designed
  • ​Perfect EDC Defense Tool
  • ​Stainless And Rust Proof

This Evatac Rescue Knife / Tac-Knife not only serves as an EDC knife, but the fact that it can also be a belt cutter, and glass breaker makes it even more valuable.

Best of all, it’s free!

Shipping & Billing:

It takes a few days to ship the Evatac / Tac-Right Rescue Knife. There doesn’t seem to be any subscription or trial, so just pay for shipping and they will deliver you this knife in a few days.

There is 100% money back guarantee for 60 days if you don’t like the knife or need to return it. This includes shipping and handling + any other fees.


Insight Hiking does not handle shipping, billing, or orders. If you have inquiries please contact Evatac Knives or Tac-Right directly for more info. We may earn a small commission if you opt for any offers.


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