Free TRS FightFast 5n1 EDC Survival KNife

You can get this free TRS 5n1 EDC knife from their official website. Insight Hiking does not handle shipping, billing or orders.

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Product Details:

  • 5 focused functions for optimal utility.
  • Blade made from 7Cr17MoV steel for durability and sharpness.
  • Black Titanium CarboNitride coating on the blade for reduced friction.
  • Built-in LED flashlight that’s detachable, water, and shock-resistant.
  • Ferrocerium metal rod produces sparks up to 5,400 degrees.
  • Equipped with an emergency glass breaker.
  • Integrated belt slicer for ropes and cords.
  • Bonus “Fire Starter Secrets” DVD guided by survival expert Bruce Beck.
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Diverging from the typical jack-of-all-trades tool filled with myriad gadgets, the 5N1 EDC Tactical Survival Knife has a focused approach. It zeroes in on five key functions, and this might be its biggest strength. Instead of burdening users with tools they’ll rarely use, it offers essentials that are vital in survival scenarios, and yet practical for everyday life.

Shipping & Billing:

amazon price

On Amazon, the knife is priced at $55, suggesting its value could approach $60. However, TRS offers an unbeatable deal on its website where the knife is available for just the cost of shipping. To enhance the value proposition, the package includes the “Fire Starter Secrets” DVD, valued at $49. This DVD, led by the renowned survival expert Bruce Beck, is a treasure trove of survival techniques.


One of the most unbelievable things about TRS FightFast is their 1-year guarantee for their products! In case you don’t like the product, or it breaks within a year, you can get a full refund for your shipping and handling costs 100%


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