If you have seen offers for free military gear floating around social media, then you might have heard of Tactical USA. What or who is Tactical USA you might ask?

Who is Tactical USA?

Tactical USA is a brand / company that offers free giveaway for various “tactical” products and gear. While most of their offers are free, in most cases you have to pay shipping and handling fee for their products.

Free Giveaway Offers at Tactical USA

Why Are They Free?

While the products are offered for “free”, I think they do make a slight profit because of higher shipping costs, and also it’s a their promotions allow for a database of customer information which is later used for up-sells or future product offers.

However, when you are getting products from companies like Tactical USA, I highly advise you to read the fine-print, any disclaimers, and add-ons when ordering. Sometimes people fail to see that they authorized a free-trial subscription service which they later get charged after a the trial period runs out.

Review of Tactical USA

From what I’ve read online, their customer support could be better with more responsive times. Also, they definitely should make their fine-print and terms of service for their free offers transparent and clear.

The most common complaint is people not knowing why there were subscription chargers after 1-2 weeks. As mentioned, you will have to cancel it in time or use a one-time virtual debit card or something.

Frequently Asked Questions

tactical usa

Here are some other questions you might have about Tactical USA.

How to check Tactical USA’s order status?

Once they ship your product, you do get a tracking number with the details, but some people have mentioned that they don’t get it and thus resort to calling their customer service.

Tactical USA customer service number

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 8am-8pm EST
Saturday: 9am-5pm EST
Sunday: Closed

Customer Support Contact
(Includes Shipping & Delivery Information)
Customer Phone Service: +1 888-460-6932
Customer Email Support: support@tacticalusa.com

Is Tactical USA a scam?

While not necessarily a scam, the common complaint people have is their subscription service. Ignorant shoppers fail to uncheck any add-ons, subscription services. When ordering, please check their fine-print, TOS, etc when you decide to join their free giveaway offers.

Where are they located?

They are located in Boston at a serviced office space:
361 Newbury Street FL 5 Boston, MA 02115 USA