TAC Utility Bag

You can order this utility bag from their official website. There doesn’t seem be any hidden subscription fees, just the shipping and handling. Insight Hiking does not handle shipping, billing, or orders.

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  • Medical Kit: Carry the necessities required to protect yourself and loved ones everyday
  • Tablet/Laptop Case: Safely secure smaller laptops and tablets along with cables and note books.And So Much More…
  • ​Range Bag: Carry ammunition of all sizes, eye protection and more with quick access availability.
  • ​Tool Bag: Keep all your tools securely in padded compartments to have them accessible at anytime.
  • ​Photography Bag: Secure your lenses and camera bodies for day trips, photoshoots and family holidays.
  • Bicycle & Motorcycle Luggage: Store your valuables when commuting to and from locations.
  • Minimalistic Gym Bag: Designed to store just the essentials including your keys, sunglasses, gym towel and water bottle.


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