Free Execution Shockwave Torch Stun Gun Flashlight

Free Offer Details

  • Brutal 4.8 Million Volt Stun Gun
  • Super Bright LED Flashlight
  • Small And Durable For Carrying Everywhere
  • Easy to Use W/ SimplePush-Button Design
  • Safe to Carry Daily Thanks to Built-In Safety

Shockwave Torch Stun Gun Flashlight Review

To stay safe in a dangerous world you need tools that will knock a bad guy flat on their back. Thus we have the Shockwave Torch to do the job!

This pocket-sized light goes with you anywhere!

Simply press it against someone as big as a 350-pound man’s chest and it will send a 4.5 million volt electric pulse through their body and paralyze them instantly.

And because this stun gun is hidden inside of a super bright flashlight you can carry this everywhere you go for maximum protection.


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