Free Evatac Gun Cleaning Mat

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Get This Free Cleaning Mat

  • Heavy Duty & Reliable Design
  • Premium Quality Material
  • ​Glock Design on Mat with Pull Apart Design To Help With Owners
  • Incredibly Portable just roll the mat up as it has the Perfect Thickness
  • ​Oil, Water, and Solvent Resistant, meaning nothing will stain your workspace
  • Protects Your Firearms from Scratches and Damage also protects your work surface!
  • ​Huge 16” (43cm) X 11” (28cm)

What is a Gun Cleaning Mat?

To explain it in the simplest way, gun cleaning mats are built specifically for gun cleaning. These mats are designed with special materials that prevent common issues you face when using other simple mats.

Most gun cleaning mats are water, solvent, and oil resistant. In addition, most gun cleaning mats also come with some type of graphic on the mat which can be of your specific gun’s inner components, a ruler, or just an image.

A gun cleaning mat makes the cleaning process 2x more effective, quicker, and damage-free. Therefore, I would say everyone who owns a gun ought to have a gun cleaning mat. You will thank yourself later.

Is It Suitable for Any Type of Gun?

Regarding the material, thickness, and design, this free gun cleaning mat is suitable for any type of gun. However, keep in mind the size of the mat as your gun could be bigger than it. But unless you have a gun that is bigger than this huge mat which is 43 cm x 28 cm, there is no need to worry. It has enough room to lay out the parts and pieces of your rifle when you’re cleaning, repairing, or otherwise working on your gun. Overall, the size is adequate for its intended use.

Is it Easy to Carry and Maintain?

Yes, even though the gun cleaning is thick, it is also lightweight enough to be carried easily. It also easily rolls up for convenient compact storage in your rifle case or gun-cleaning toolbox. However, it doesn’t slip or slide unnecessarily on whatever surface you lay it on.

Is it Made of High-quality Material?

Regardless of the fact it is being given away for free, this gun cleaning mat is undoubtedly sturdy, durable, and long-lasting as new even after being used for a long time. The non-slip bottom grip holds the weapon in place. Plus, it will protect your workspace as it also has water, oil, and solvent-resistant features. Overall, it promises premium quality.

1 review for Free Evatac Gun Cleaning Mat

  1. Mike

    I love that it comes with instructions. Made it really easy to assemble my pistol.

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