Free Ape Survival Semi-Auto Rubber Band Gun

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  • Semi-Auto! Load 6 bands at once for semi-auto firing!
  • ​Full Metal Construction!
  • Shoot over 25ft!
  • ​Tested and Proven for Long Life Action!
  • ​20 Quick Reload Bands Included!
  • Realistic Cocking Sound, just like the Real Deal!
  • Super Portable & Lightweight with an Updated Quick-Fold Design!
  • Fits Anywhere with 2.75×” Dimensions
  • Plated with Zinc Alloy to withstand ANYTHING
  • Attached Keychain, bring it anywhere

This can be a fun toy to give as a gift to your friends, niece, nephew, or your kids. Heck, it’s a lot of fun to use even for adults. If there is a dispute, you can challenge one another to a target shoot-off where the winner can choose which movie to watch, what kinds of snacks to get, etc. It’s at least better than arguing and bickering 🙂

What I love about the Ape Survival band gun is the quality build, which is fully metal. It’s small enough to carry around with you on your key chain as it can fold into a square. It can shoot over 25 ft, so even at longer distances, it can be fairly accurate.

However, the semi-auto feature is the coolest part. You get six bands that you can shoot semi-automatically which even band guns that cost a lot more than this can’t do.

1 review for Free Ape Survival Semi-Auto Rubber Band Gun

  1. Mike

    They are easy to load and are great for indoors and training.

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