Tactical Karambit Knife

Survival, Self Defense

Evatac Rescue Knife

Hiking, EDC,

Self Defense

Evatac Patriot Knife

Hiking, EDC,

Self Defense

Evatac Combat Dagger

Self Defense

Carabiner SuperKnife

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USMC Neck Knife

Self Defense, Survival

Money Clip Knife


The Evatac brand is giving away samples of these knives for free on their website. You do have to pay for shipping and handling, which is less than $10.

While you can order some of these knives on Amazon, it’s almost double the cost, so you could save some money when you get it directly from them on their website.

  • Ultra Sharp Drop Point Blade
  • Spring Assisted Folder
  • Integrated Belt Cutter
  • Emergency Glass Breaker
  • Tough Meaty 1/8″ Blade
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Perfect EDC Defense Tool
  • Stainless And Rust Proof

The Evatac Rescue knife is the perfect Every Day Carry Knife. You can fold it and put it in your pocket and when in need, just unfold it for whatever use you need it for.

This is great for hiking and for outdoors enthusiasts as it’s portable, durable with a strong edge. It perfect for cutting and peeling things that might come your way during your camping trips.

  • Symmetrical Double Edge Blade
  • Overall 9″ In Length (23cm)
  • 4.7″ Blade & 4.3″ Handle
  • Stainless And Rust Proof!
  • Matt Black Finish
  • Extremely Sharp Out Of The Box!
  • Effective Fighting/Defensive Knife!
  • Extra Wide Double Guard
  • Comfortable Rubberized Handle
  • Palm Swell Grip
  • Brass Lanyard Hole
  • Boot/Belt Sheath Included!
This is more for self defense, rather than for hiking and survival use, but it still come in handy if you need it. It’s really sharp with a double edge. You get a free knife sheath and a clip to attach to your pants.

It’s not foldable like the rescue knife, so it’s less portable, but the edge is finer and the handle is more comfortable.

  • Unassuming Discreet Design
  • Razor Sharp Blade
  • Full Tang For Maximum Strength
  • 7.4 Inches In Length
  • Protective Sheath Included
  • Quick Access Neck Cord Included
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle
  • Perfect EDC Defense Tool
  • Stainless And Rust Proof

However, on the more exotic and cool side, the Tactical Karambit Knife is a great choice. If you’ve played Call of Duty Black Ops, then you will know what these are.

They are perfect for cutting and slicing. When wielding it, it looks a lot cooler than your regular knives. The Karambit is better suited for slicing through thick dense jungle or forests. While they can be used for self-defense, you would have to be somewhat experienced with wielding it.

  • Razor Sharp Blade
  • Partial Blade Serration
  • Discreet 4″ In Length
  • Quick Access Neck Chain
  • Blade Cover Included
  • Perfect EDC Knife
  • Stainless And Rust Proof
If you prefer something more flashy and would like to honor the Marines or the Army, then USMC Neck Knife is the recommendation. It can be considered a piece of accessory that will go really well with green army color t-shirt.

The blade and the edge is smaller, so it’s mainly for cutting and peeling things.

  • Unassuming Discreet Design
  • Razor Sharp SS Blade
  • Perfect Survival & Defense Tool
  • 308 Die Cast Alloy Frame
  • Contoured For Comfort & Grip
  • Philips & Slot Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Perfect EDC Defense Tool
  • Stainless And Rust Proof

The Carabiner SuperKnife is more of handy tool than an actual knife. You have a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and can put the Carabiner to different use.

It can easily fit in a pocket when folded, so it’s a great tool to have for survival use.

  • Unassuming Discreet Design
  • Stylish Chrome Finish
  • Razor Sharp Blade
  • Secure Clamp Clip Design
  • Perfect EDC Defense Tool
  • Liner Lock Folding Knife
  • Stainless And Rust Proof

It may look like a simple money clip, but when folded, you get this beautiful piece of a steel knife. It may come in handy for keeping your cash in one place and in case you need it for Everyday Carry Use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Evatac Knife Giveaway Legit?

Some people might be wary whether it’s actually real, but the answer is YES it’s legit. You will be making a purchase through their official website.

You do have to pay a fee for shipping, but overall the value you get from the product is higher and less costly than getting a generic survival knife somewhere else.

Can You Get it With Free Shipping?

You do have to cover shipping and handling. Since they are not a government funded organization they do have to recoup costs for any expenses they might incur from shipping fees.

How Durable Is The Evatac Knife?

While you can’t compare it to a $100-$200 survival knife made out of high quality materials, for something that’s free a lot of people are happy and content with the value the got from the product. It’s no Ferrari level quality by any means, but it’s heavy duty and get’s the essentials down.

Evatac Contact Info

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10am – 7pm EST Monday to Friday.

Phone – (720) 606-7720
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