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Product Details

  • American Company: An American company that is dedicated to supporting the 2nd Amendment.
  • Statement Making: Show what you truly stand for every time someone sees this commemorative watch.
  • Unique: This is one of those cool items that you can show off to your gun friends.
  • Great Gift: If you have friends that support the 2nd, this is an amazing gift and one they will keep forever.
  • Dependable: This commemorative watch uses time tested quartz movement to ensure it keeps the best of time.

2nd Amendment Pocket Watch Review

A collectible commemorating the passage of the Second Amendment is the perfect way to show your support for our second amendment rights. This beautiful quartz pocket watch has an antique design.

These watches are a perfect gift for the gun enthusiast in your life! Here are some ways to show your support. We hope you enjoy this unique collectible!