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  • The 5” deluxe crystalline silicon solar cell provides integrated charging. So even if the internal battery is dead, you can recharge Battery Hero wherever you have sun.
  • The ability to charge 2 devices at once means that 1 power bank can do double duty.
  • A built-in flashlight ensures you have a way of signaling for help in a grid-down scenario.
  • Military-approved, all-weather, all-terrain design beats any “battery case” out there.
  • The pocket-sized design makes it easy for you to be ready. Because you never know when disaster will hit.
  • Avoid the hassle of buying another power bank ever again. Battery Hero can be used endlessly as long as you have the sun.

Hero Power Bank Review

This Battery Hero power bank is for those who need a power bank for a long period of time during the day or during hiking or camping trips. It is able to charge 2 devices at the same time. And the pocket-sized feature makes it easier to carry around.

It says on the website that you can charge your devices up to 6 times in a single go. I agree that there are high-capability power banks, but this one is hard to believe. After all, it depends on the device you’re charging (how much energy does it take to get fully charged, etc).

It has 8000 mAH capacity and is built with military-tested materials. That’s why the customers love that it solves the common problems you encounter during camping like dropping, getting water on their power bank, etc.

I also like that Battery Hero features a flashlight to help you see the long trek during the night.

It takes at least 5 hours to reach 2000 mAh which generates 1 bar of electric power. I think it’s a long time to wait for. So if you’re planning to use it continuously daily, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Overall, it’s a great quality power bank. It can fulfill regular power bank functions, and the solar-powered feature is a great addition.


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