So I bought a fishing rod and was on the hunt for some fish, but I wanted to share some of my personal experiences on what would have been helpful and is helpful for fellow beginners like me and many others.

When I was trying to get the string on the reel, I toiled for two hours trying to make sure it looked neat and tidy. It would have helped out immensely if I just had a kit or a wheel for the string from which I could just prepare the reel because I had fishing string all over the living room jumbled up in a mess while trying to prepare my reel.

Stringing the Reel…

I tried to do it like this:

But I just had a mess all over the living room, so I recommend this way of preparing the real:

So I recommend something of a spooler, or you can prepare a makeshift spooler.

Learning Different Knots

Learning from a video on the different types of knots is more confusing than helpful. It’s easy to get things mixed up and do something completely wrong. For such cases, I honestly believe learning from a more experienced fisherman is a better way to go about it.

You can learn from a video, but it will take you a lot longer. It just ended up being more wasteful for me rather than helpful.

Choosing a Rod

Honestly, I don’t think this matters too much. It doesn’t have to be expensive and people just make it out more difficult than it actually is. A classic spinning rod is good enough for most occasions. I probably will consider more expensive rods, harpoons, nets, etc when I become more experienced.

For now, it’s better to just learn the basics and try to catch some fish from your local pond or lake.

Knowing What Bait is Best

Different fish require different bait. For beginners and newbies, a simple lure for small to medium-sized fish should be good enough.

Something like this lure could be a thing to consider but usually a smaller shiny one might just do the trick.

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