Free TRS Buccaneer Machete

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Fightfast TRS is doing a special giveaway promotion for this mean and badass looking machete! If you are looking for a budget machete that can rip and tear through any dense forest, then give this machete by FightFast TRS a try.

Free Offer Details

  • Overall length 20 inches
  • 14 inch long and 3mm thick blade
  • Heat-treated stainless steel
  • Full tang hand
  • Water-proof & shock-proof
  • Hardshell sheath included

FightFast TRS Buccaneer Machete Review

FightFast TRS in general offers really decent products for the price of just shipping and handling. While it’s not necessarily high-end premium quality, usually they deliver on the important aspects of their products and the Buccaneer Machete is no exception.

The blade is durable and sharp and retains its edge quite well. How sharp you want it to be depends on your sharpening skills, but being 3mm thick blade, you won’t experience much bending from this.

It’s heat-treated stainless steel, meaning it’s resistant to moisture and overall made to be more durable.

The blade is 14 inches and the machete is 20 inches in overall length, so it’s a decent size.

I am usually very nit-picky about design, but compared to most other free products, this buccaneer machete is actually coated well and looks quite sleek. Being a cheaper machete, it obviously does not have small attention to detail, but it doesn’t look bad.

You get a free sheath that goes along with the machete too! Compared with Steel River machete, this actually looks like a sheath. Though it’s made out of plastic, it at least will keep your machete in place.

My only issue is with the handle and grip. It’s made out of cheap plastic Nylon. If you get sweaty, the handle can be slippery and it obviously doesn’t look the most high-quality, but for something that’s free, I can’t expect finer grooves and textured rubber.

It is full tang, meaning steel is inside the handle, so even if the handle chips or cracks, you can use superglue or something and still have a functional machete.


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