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Looking for a budget backpack? Then try these Survival Academy / Evatac backpacks. You also get a free 2-week outdoor survival course membership. Please cancel in time if you don’t need it, to avoid any membership fees.

Survival Academy / Evatac Assault Bag Review

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Evatac Assault Backpack


  • Portable but durable
  • ​Premium 1000D Poly
  • ​FAT Zipper™ Zips
  • ​15 Separate Compartments
  • ​Chest & Waist Strap
  • ​Expandable Molle System
  • Waterproof Lining

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This Evatac assault backpack is not really an “assault/military” bag, but it is designed and looks like one with similar features and compartments.

The coloring and overall look of the backpack are stylish and the main material is sturdy and tough. 

However, the main features of this backpack are the compartments you will find inside the backpack.

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There are 4 main compartments and 15 separate pockets/zippers with (MOLLE System), so it’s easy to separate what you will be putting in it.

If you don’t know what MOLLE means, it stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. As a “tactical” backpack you have compartments for putting in flashlights, survival knives, and other gear that you might need during a hike, trek, excursion within the Evatac assault bag.

Overall, it’s suitable for most everyday life uses such as short hiking trips, school, carrying a laptop, gym, carry-on bag for flying, etc. There are plenty of zippers, pockets, and compartments inside. The idea is that it is great for use as a cheap multi-purpose backpack that you don’t mind damaging or getting dirty.

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Free Evatac Duffel Bag Review


Evatac Duffel Bag


  • Portable but durable
  • ​Premium 600D Polyester
  • ​Hidden shoulder straps
  • ​4 main compartments
  • ​Vented shoe compartment
  • ​Waterproof and durable

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If you are looking for a gym bag that can also convert into a traditional backpack? Then get this Evatac duffel bag free! What I love about this bag is how well it’s made for something that is free. The overall quality is almost the same as backpacks you would find in a store that is actually between $30-50

Compared with their assault bag, there are some same features, but they’ve improved the overall quality and design, and it looks really cool. It’s large enough to fit all your gear, from laptops to shoes, even a sleeping bag, and other equipment that is needed for camping, hiking, and hunting trips.

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It’s made from Premium 600D polyester, which is one of the most commonly used materials for backpacks as it’s sturdy and durable with resistance to tearing. The material is water-resistant as well, so in wet environments, you won’t have to worry about water getting in.

The Evatac duffel bag is also great as a compact gym bag. You won’t have any problems fitting your gym clothes, shoes, and other types of gear. And guess what? There is a shoe compartment that has ventilation, so you won’t have to deal with foul odor anymore!

There are 4 main compartments: 2 side pockets, 1 outer pocket, and the main compartment for shoes, laptops, sleeping bag, etc. The size/volume is ~30 liters, so it’s large enough for everyday use and outdoor camping excursions or travel if you need it.

In case you want to use it as a backpack for school and strap it over your shoulders, you can easily convert it into a traditional backpack. Basically, you are getting a gym duffel bag AND a backpack that can be used for hiking and trekking, etc when you purchase this.

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Evatac Assault Bag Review | Which One To Get?

If you are contemplating which pack to get, I think it just comes down to what you need and are looking for. I personally love the duffel one is the budget-perfect bag because of how versatile it actually is. It can serve almost the same function as the assault backpack, but can also convert into a duffel bag that is suitable for rock climbing, motorbike riding, long hikes, improving wilderness skills, gym, carry-on, and many other outdoor activities.
However, the Assault Bag might be slightly larger than the duffel one, so if you are in search of more space to fit your survival kit and a heavy duty traditional-looking bag with waist straps, then the assault bag will fill your needs and wants. They used to offer a bonus USA patch, but I am not sure if they still do it anymore.
For outdoor excursions or anyone who is in search of a camping backpack for reasonable prices, then get the duffel bag for sure! It’s just better suited for such occasions.

Are There Any Hidden Fees or Subscriptions?

The Evatac Assault bag commes with a 2-week Survival Video Course trial. If you don’t intend to continue, please cancel the subscription to avoid any membership fees. The other backpacks do not come with any subscriptions. Insight Hiking is just a review / blog website for travel and outdoor enthusiast. We do not sell anything or handle any shipping / orders.

Why Do People Think It’s a Scam?

First and foremost, their marketing campaign goes something like “Evatac assault bag valued at $80, get your assault bag today! We only have limited stock!” etc. Some think it’s an $80-$90 backpack that’s supposedly being offered completely for “free”.
BUT… most other companies use this advertising method to get someone’s attention in order to increase revenue/sales and make you buy based on a sense of urgency, but this marketing method is nothing new that companies employ.
Another reason people think Evatac is a scam is that they initially think it’s 100% free with free shipping and a free product. There is a shipping and handling fee, albeit the packaging could be a little better in my opinion, as you do pay a bit higher for shipping.

What Is Evatac Team Contact Info?

If you need to contact them, then you can fill out their online feedback form or reach out to them via the contact details below.
Contact between:
10 am – 7 pm EST Monday to Friday.
Phone – (720) 606-7720
Email –
Website –