How To Get it For Free?

American Gunner is having a giveaway for this Evatac duffel bag. Not only can you use it as a gym bag, but you can also bring out the shoulder straps and easily convert it into a backpack for hiking, trekking, and every day use.

If you want to get in this offer, you can do so on their website!

On Ape Survival website, it’s actually sold for much more, so enter the special giveaway while you can.

Are you looking for a gym bag that can also convert into a traditional backpack? Then get this Evatac duffel bag free! What I love about this bag is how well it’s made for something that is free. The overall quality is almost the same as what you would find in a store that’s actually between $40-70

  • Portable but durable
  • Premium 600D Polyester
  • Hidden shoulder straps
  • 4 main compartments
  • Vented shoe compartment
  • Waterproof and durable

Compared with their assault bag, what I love about the duffel bag is how they’ve improved the overall quality and design of their bags. It’s large enough to fit most things, from laptop, to shoes, even a sleeping bag, and other equipment that is needed for camping and hiking.

The Evatac duffel bag is also great as a gym bag. You won’t have any problems fitting your gym clothes or shoes. And guess what? There is shoe compartment that has ventilation, so you won’t have to deal with foul odor anymore!

In case you want to use it as a backpack for school and strap it over your shoulders, you can easily convert it into a traditional backpack. Basically you are getting a gym duffel bag AND a backpack that can used for hiking and trekking, etc.

How Comfortable & Durable Is It?

It’s made from Premium 600D polyester, which is one of the most commonly used material for backpacks as it’s sturdy and durable with resistance to tearing. The material is water-resistant as well, so in wet environments you won’t have to worry about water getting in.

The shoulder straps and back padding are reasonable, but I think the overall material thickness could have been a little thicker with extra cushioning, but the handle for when using it as a duffel bag is sturdy. That’s the only con I would have to say about the bag.

How Much Storage Does It Have?

There are 4 main compartments: 2 side pockets, 1 outer pocket, and the main compartment for shoes, laptop, sleeping bag, etc. The size / volume is almost 40 liters, so it’s large enough for everyday use and outdoor camping excursions or travel if you need it.

Final Verdict, Is It Worth It?

Compared to my Evatac assault bag review which was a little mixed, I can confidently say this is a pretty solid bag for most of everyday and travel use. As I mentioned, the material and cushion could be a little thicker, but the overall size, sturdiness, water resistance, and versatility are definitely the highlights.

You may have to pay for expedited shipping, but the overall quality of this bag can rival that of ones that are sold in stores or even online for about $50 or so. In my opinion it’s a pretty good deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it free? What’s the catch?

As part of a national awareness campaign, the Evatac tactical backpacks are being offered for free. In case of natural disasters or emergency situations, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for them. You can learn more from their website:

  • How fast is shipment?

Shipping can take 2 days to prepare with Fedex, but you should be able to receive your package within 5 business days.

  • Where is it shipped from?

The product will be shipped from Denver, Colorado.

  • Do you have to pay for shipping

As Ape Survival is not government funded, there is a small shipping cost. Otherwise, they’d be bankrupt if everything was free.

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