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Product Details

  • Safer night driving – low cost!

  • Excluding blue light removes night glare

  • Clear view at night and in bad weather

  • Wear alone or over existing glasses

  • Enhance contrast and depth perception, reduce glare

  • Easy to use night driving aid

Night Vision Glasses Review

When a car is driving with their full beams on, it can be very dangerous. Making it almost impossible to see, this is the cause of many road accidents. Even the glare from modern LED lights makes it a challenge to see clearly at night.

ClearView reduces the impact of damaging light on your eyes. They brighten everything with a yellow hue, making your vision clearer and decrease the glare from approaching night lights.

his makes it easier for you to stay on the road, and get home safe but it is also good news for pedestrians. Because bright lights can be detrimental to your vision, you might not be able to see someone crossing the road until it is too late. ClearView helps to prevent this from happening.