Ape Survival is having a free giveaway for this 3D realistic fishing lure. Get one for yourself or for family and friends for free today!

fish lure

Product Details:

  • Beautiful Printing & Coating
  • Mustad Treble Sharpened Hooks
  • Multi-Jointed 8 Segment Real-Movement Body

Our Review of The Free Fish Bait

Performance: The lure is segmented into 8 pieces, which is on the higher end of segments. Usually it’s between 6 or 7, so compared with other fish bait, Ape Survival’s fish lure moves and feels like a real fish moving in the water.

fish lure

Design & Apperance: When it’s in the water and moving, it almost looks like a real fish. The 3D eyes and the high textured skin quality adds to the realism of the bait.

Durability: The coating, materials, and hooks are all made out of standard stuff, but compared with other swimbaits, it will last longer and remain cleaner.

The segmented aspect of the lure prevents it from getting stuck in grass, rock and vegetation. Compared with traditional lures, you won’t have to deal with fishing out muck and dirt as much with this new design.

So if you are thinking of upping your fishing game and catching some real fish, then give this lure from Ape Survival a try!