Why you need a flashlight when walking at night

While you may think simply having your phone and phone flashlight is enough, sometimes it is better to have a light source that can lighten your path a little farther, and compared to a phone, a carry/pocket flashlight has more features and advantages.

For your safety

In case of emergencies, first and foremost, a flashlight can come in handy. From muggings, to potholes, etc, for your own safety carry a flashlight with you.

In case of dangerous altercations with someone, you can use strobe effect on a flashlight to disorient and confuse your attacker, giving you enough time to escape.

The human eye is very sensitive to sudden light, so a pocket flashlight can serve as a non-lethal self-defense tool that won’t get you much in legal and financial hassle as a gun.

To see where you are going

You would surprised to know how many people get injured in the dark, from simply trying to put on a sock, to not knowing where they are going.

When you light up your path and when you know what is in front of you, especially if you are running or jogging in the dark, it can make it less risky and dangerous for you.

If you enjoy walking your dog during the peace and quite of the evening or early mornings, having a flashlight for walking dogs is a handy tool to have.

Finding your way around

How many times have you lost your path and direction when in a new city, town or even your own hometown for that matter?

Some streets are very poorly lit and there aren’t enough signs or direction. Even worse, you don’t have internet connection/GPS, how do you find your way?

Well, when you have a flashlight with you, at least you can get a bearing of where you are and a general direction of where you should go. In smaller towns especially where it’s not as developed, it can get really dark if you are away from any type of light source!

Don’t waste your precious time and don’t panic, just press the flashlight button 😉