Why you need a flashlight in a survival kit?

If you don’t have an emergency kit in your and your home, then it’s time to consider getting one, not just for safety reasons but it can come in handy in case of natural disasters, injuries, and other minor reasons.

What is a survival emergency kit?

An emergency kit should have first-aid, a survival knife, a flashlight, some medicine, antiseptic, a screwdriver, scotch tape or superglue, and batteries. You can include some canned food and a blanket, but it’s optional.

In case of an emergency such as a natural disaster, you will be prepared and such tools will come in handy either on the road or just around the house.

Reasons to keep a flashlight in a survival kit

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For safety purposes

Flashlights are associated with safety and it’s easy to get someone’s attention when you have a flashlight. Flashlights usually have an SOS setting with a strobe light kind of effect.

In case you need help, you can make a distress signal with your flashlight and relay a message quickly.

In case of emergencies

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If there is a storm and the power goes out, a flashlight will come in handy. You don’t necessarily need expensive flashlights that are 5000 Lumens, but a simple EDC flashlight with 400-800 Lumens is enough to light up a room or a few hundred yards in front of you.

For self-defense

A flashlight is a great tool for non-lethal self-defense. It can give you enough time to disorient an attacker and run away.

When a flashlight is directly lit toward the eyes, it has a blinding effect and it’s almost impossible to see anything that is behind the flashlight. There is a reason why SWAT teams have a flashlight attached to their guns. It’s not just for lighting a room, but it also makes it harder for an attacker to aim a gun.

Best types of flashlights for a survival kit

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As I said, you don’t necessarily need powerful flashlights meant to light up a football stadium, simple EDC and portable flashlights are enough for such occasions.

Usually, 400-800 lumens flashlights are best because you can use your flashlight with a simple AA battery for many hours.

Or an attachable headlight or a lantern can be very useful in case your power goes out.

Emergency road lights are also good to have in case you get a flat tire and if it’s raining outside, dark, or if visibility conditions are poor.

It let’s cars and passerby know that a car is having an emergency up ahead so there is less likelihood of getting into accidents or collission.