Where Can I Buy Electric Plasma Lighters?

Electric lighters are a pretty new thing. You can mostly find them online on Amazon or specific electric lighter shops.

You can read here of our recommended electric lighters that you can get for a bargain.

Does pricing matter?

If you are looking for the most basic like TRS Pyro, electric lighters are around $10-$20. They are USB chargeable and have have a small flashlight.

It’s good for most hiking and camping trips and are pretty durable against the weather.

However, if you want to get fancy plasma lighters that cost more than $30 are pretty cool. Such lighters have flashlights with higher lumens, LED display, utilities, and arcs with higher temperatures that are good for starting a fire. It doesn’t hurt that the design is pretty nifty.

How Long Do They Last?

It depends on how well you take care of your lighter. As far as batteries go, bigger plasma lighters have more battery.

Cheaper and smaller lighters’ batteries last about 100 ignitions, but higher end ones closer to 200 ignitions. It should be enough for a week’s worth of camping trip.

You can always recharge it with a power bank / USB port, which is pretty handy.