If you’re looking for a great all-around sleeping bag, look no further than the XLS sleeping bag. Made by Topo Designs, this bag has a number of different features. Not only does it offer extreme portability, but it also features highly breathable, rip-resistant material, Rip-dry zippers, and even the ultimate thermal control. Capable of witholding temperatures as low as thirty degrees Fahrenheit while keeping you warm in temperatures as high as seventy degrees, this oversized and extremely wide sleeping bag is truly the best all-around bag for your trips and camping trips. Here’s what it offers:

xxl sleeping bag

Extreme Warmth: With a claimed temperature range of twenty to forty degrees Fahrenheit, the in sleeping bags are highly effective when it comes to keeping warm and toasty. The extra large and spacious surface area allows for a significant amount of air flow, which keeps the bag nice and warm. For those that have sensitive sleep requirements, there is an optional back panel which can be deflated for extra air flow, or completely deflated if preferred. This means that you will not be left feeling cold during the night and you will be able to get a full eight hours of restful sleep every single night.

Versatile Design: It is extremely important that your camping bag is versatile and allow for you to sleep in many different situations. This is not always the case with traditional sleeping bags which often restrict the space you can keep your body in. However, with the xl, you can keep your arms, legs, chest, head, and even your torso warm and toasty in any position. This makes them the most comfortable type of camping bag that you can find.

Double Layer Construction: Most other bags with only one layer are extremely hot and sticky, as they simply don’t allow for the body heat generated by the body to escape. This means that when you get down into the bag, you will quickly feel very warm and sticky inside. The double-layer construction on the xxl sleeping bags provides for a double layer of warmth, which warms your body quicker than conventional single-layered construction. Additionally, because the double-layer construction uses more natural cotton flannel, you will feel significantly more comfortable.

Quick Set Up: Because of the extreme comfort and snug fit, these bags are easy to set up and take down quickly. No more wrestling with zippers or struggling with ill-fitting bags. Just place your feet into the footwell and pull the zipper right down into the main compartment, and you are ready to go!

Insulated Quality: A large part of why these bags are so popular is because of their innovative design, which uses a double-layer construction and extremely roomy interiors. Because of the double-layer construction, heat and cooling are kept at bay, which makes for an extremely comfortable sleeping experience. In addition to keeping heat and cool at bay, the double-layer construction also offers breathable air through mesh panels, which allows your to keep your temperature regulated and thus, stay cool on those hot summer days. Also, because the bags have a tight fit, they are able to keep out light and breeze, which help to keep the bag extremely lightweight without adding a bulky feeling to the bag. Lastly, because the bags use extremely roomy interiors, there is very little draft tube loss, which allows for a cooler to sleep and wake up throughout the day.

Tetonium: Since they understand the importance of providing a quality product, the developers of the celsius all sleeping bags also created a long lifetime warranty. Because they understand what a user considers a quality product, they recognized that there would be buyers who wouldn’t settle for anything less than the celsius XXL line of products. As a result, they designed a lifetime warranty with titanium, which means that if the bag ever breaks down it will be replaceable for a small fee. Also, because they understand the importance of durability to users, they added a 10 year warranty with all their products, which means that if you ever wish to exchange or return the product you will be covered.

Conclusion: For anyone looking for a quality, affordable three-season sleeping bag that is innovative, durable, comfortable, breathable, and ultra-comfortable, then the Celsius XXL is the sleeping bag that you’ve been looking for. With its innovative fiber fill, it provides superior warmth and maximum comfort for whatever the weather throws at you, making it a welcome addition to your camping gear. The long warranty, breathable interiors, and durable construction make this a bag that you’ll be proud to bring on any excursion into the great outdoors. In the end, if you still don’t have one, then I suggest you go out and get one right now. They are in extremely high demand and are being sold out as fast as possible.