unicorn sleeping bag

Believe in the magical power of unicorns, while you snuggle up, warm, and comfortable! A fluffy built-in smiling unicorn plush pillow will help make this large, full back, round cotton stuffed animal a favorite slumber party decoration. Imported. Pillows are machine washable. Fleece is also machine washable. Available in pink and blue.

Unicorns may be seen in children’s books and on cartoon shows, but you’ll find no unicorn in nature, so what good are these anyway? The National Zoo sells a stuffed unicorn horn that has a butterfly attached to it for an attractive display. Parents may choose a softer, colorful horn with dancing horseflies on it for their little one. A small white plush unicorn with an attached plastic tiara would be delightful for a baby girl, or a rainbow colored one for a boy.

The wonderful thing about sleeping bags is that they can be used in all seasons. If you live in an area where temperatures vary, this sleeping bag will work no matter the season. It will keep you as warm as you want to be, and you won’t have to worry about the cold. This large bag fits easily in a tackle box and even has functional dividers to keep the contents secure.

The zippers along the outside of the bag make it easy to take it on and off, providing an extra measure of safety. The handle is strong and securely attached, making it possible to hang it on your belt without fear of it coming off. The shoulder straps are padded, giving a little extra comfort.

The bag’s interior contains an internal mesh pocket with an attached Velcro closure. This allows you to place an additional pillow inside the bag if you want. The pillow, of course, can’t be taken with you when you sleep. It is also big enough to hold your other sleeping gear, such as pillows, blankets, or even your favorite book.

There is also an adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to raise or lower the sleeping bag depending on what position you prefer. This is great for taller people, or those who use a wheelchair. When you lower the sleeping bag, the pillow automatically goes with it. You don’t have to get up to adjust the strap. Simply place your arm underneath it will fit just right.

One of the best parts about the Unicornskinz is that it comes in many different sizes. Even though it is labeled as a sleeping bag, it is actually a very comfortable pillow. It is made of plush, fluffy, soft fleece. The pillow is completely lined in cotton, allowing you to snuggle into it with maximum comfort.

If you are looking for a high quality bag that you can sleep with that stays warm even when it is packed away, this is the bag for you. If you have never used a sleeping bag before, you should really consider purchasing one. Unicornskinz has a reputation for making quality bags that are great for any season. The price is reasonable, too, which makes it an excellent buy if you cannot afford to spend more on a luxury bag.

You can get the Unicornskinz in pink, blue, black or even green. If you have a little boy in the house, there is even an adorable version made for him. The bag can easily be taken off so you can wash it or simply lay it flat. The fabric is extremely durable and you can be sure it will keep you warm.

This is an all-around bag that will be a comfortable sleeping companion during any season. It will keep you warm and cozy, even in the coldest temperatures. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a bag that will not hold up over time. Unicornskinz will last for years. In fact, some users even have theirs for 10 years or more. The durability speaks for itself, making this a bag you will want to pass on to your children.

When you are tired of waking up early, getting dressed and battling the morning traffic, you will appreciate the convenience of being able to toss your sleeping bag into the closet when you are done with your day. This will save you money since you won’t have to buy another one. Worry free nights sleep come naturally with the Unicornskinz.