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Where To Get Discount?

  • If you are looking for a reliable plasma lighter at a cheaper cost, then the TRS Pyro Lighter Plasma Arc Lighter might be for you!

    They are selling it a little cheaper on their website with free shipping!

TRS Pyro Plasma Arc Lighter Review

Waterproof & wind-resistant: Even if you get it soaked in water, you are able to light up without any problems. The outer non-slip rubber is waterproof and keeps the insides of the lighter dry. Because it’s a plasma arc, the heat will be focused in the middle with a laser, so it won’t go out even during strong winds.

Compact & Small: This plasma lighter is very small! It’s about the size of your pinky finger in length, a quarter in diameter, and it weighs only 2 oz ~55 grams. You won’t have any trouble fitting it in your pocket.

USB rechargeable: I also love how it is USB rechargeable. You can just plug it in into any standard USB part in have it fully charged within 2 or so hours.

Comes with a flashlight: And the best feature for last. The TRS Pyro has a flashlight which is attached to the other end of the lighter. It charges with the lighter itself and can be used for almost 20 hours! It’s 100 lumens, which means it’s good enough for EDC and lighting around 10-15 yards in front of you.