Product Details

  • Stealth Technology

  • Record video & audio in full 1080p HD

  • Writes like any other high quality pen

  • Protect yourself from shifty workers 

  • Ensure that anyone in your house are behaving as expected

  • Find out exactly what that house sitter did all night while you were out to dinner
  • Find out if your coworkers are conspiring against you when you’re not in the office

  • Protect yourself from overzealous LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers)

  • Expose liars

usa stiletto

SpyPen Review 

This technology was once only in the hands of the 3 letter Agencies (FBI, CIA, DHS, DOD).
Super small and stealthy surveillance gear used to only be accessible to high level govt agents & secret spies.

Now the general public can possess this cutting edge tech through this special offer. American citizens just like you can now use tactical gear to make sure dishonest people cannot go back on their word, or to catch criminals in the act!