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  • A must for emergency
  • 2000MAH power bank
  • 4 rechargeable ways
  • 2 light sources always powered
  • SOS alarm with flashing red light

Emergency Radio Review

If you’ve ever lost power during a storm or lost cellphone reception while on a hike, you’ve likely felt the frustration of not being able to get news or information when you need it.

Emergency radios are designed to eliminate situations like these. Picking up emergency broadcasts and alerting you to severe weather or human-made disasters, will ensure that you are never without critical knowledge.

Unlike standard radios, our emergency radio can receive warnings and notifications from very high-frequency (VHF) public service band stations. Plus, basic AM/FM stations can also be accessed on an emergency radio, too.
So whether you’re planning a camping trip or putting together a “just in case” kit for your home, you need this emergency radio.

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