usa stiletto

Product Details

  • Thoroughly designed to fit your handgun and multiple magazines.

  • Will Fit Any Handgun With An Overall Length of 9.5” or less.

  • Two large pockets and a front pocket.

  • Built-to-Protect. Built-to-Last.

  • Easily Fit an Earmuff, Safety Glasses, and More Accessories.

  •  Lockable Zipper Sliders on Main Compartment .

Discrete Pistol Case Review

This is a small carrying case that is made big enough to hold a hidden pistol. It has additional pockets to hold other import items such as additional magazines, ammunition, flashlight, glasses and other import items for your basic needs.

You can have all of your hidden out of sight while you carry your case with you. It is a nice carrying case and I think it is one of the most fair sized case on the market.

It hold more than enough items you need that is not to heavy or burdening to anyone. I think this is a great item to get while it’s free.